Physical Access Management

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​Manage all your access points, locks, schedules and users in real-time with one, centralised OTC access process with no physical keys.

​Efficient and secure.

​Our OTC access process summarized in 5 easy-to-use and manage steps  


​Users, access rights and locks are registered in the central access management server application.


​The user needs an OTC in order to access the lock.


​The OTC is either entered manually into the keypad or, if the user is using a mobile app, the OTC is sent directly to the lock.


​The user can unlock the lock if all the credentials are correct, even if the lock is offline. 


​The open/close door and lock events are logged in the lock and also sent to the access management server application. They can be viewed in real-time and also stored for audit purposes.


Operational cost savings​

Freeing your business operations from physical keys eliminates the significant costs and lost productivity associated with replacing lost and broken keys.

OTC access reduces travel costs because service personnel do not need to travel to key centres to pick up and drop off keys.

Real-time, pre-approved auditable access for service engineers and facilities management personnel eliminates the need to pay for key-holders to accompany them on visits.

​Increased security

Pre-approved schedules and role-based user access rights with multi-factor authentication and one-time-codes ensure there is no risk of unauthorised access.

Unlike outdated physical access control methods (such as physical keys, RFID cards) OTCs cannot be lost or stolen.

Central monitoring dashboard provides real-time insight into security status and the potential risks of unscheduled events.

​Greater efficiency

​Remote, pre-approved access results in faster response times for FLM, SLM, CIT, Facilities Management & Security personnel – particularly in urgent situations.

Centralised remote management means that schedules can be created and approved efficiently.

Users and locks can be remotely added or removed in seconds. 

Automated reporting and audit trails remove the need for manual processes.

​Sustainability & reduced carbon footprint

Eliminating physical keys means that service and maintenance personnel do not need to waste fuel travelling backwards and forwards to key centres. 

OTCaccess means that there is no need for keyholders to travel to and from site calls to accompany service or maintenance personnel.
Solutions are designed for low power usage and long battery life. 


Centralized real-time remote monitoring and management with IoTservo​

Central management and scheduling for users and BVK’s key-less cabinet, safe, door and gate locks. Users and locks can be added and removed remotely.

Instant security validation

Only when the security credentials have been checked does the system generate secure OTCs.

Off-line authentication

The user can unlock the lock if all the credentials are correct, even if the lock is offline.

Secure OTC generation

The encrypted OTC is sent to the user via SMS, e-mail or mobile app. 

Remote access authorization

Once the user and schedule have been validated access is authorized remotely.

Remote 2-way lock communication

The management software sends remote commands and requests directly to the OTC locks and receives real-time responses.

Flexible integration with 3rd party software

The management software can be integrated with ATM monitoring software, alarm control systems, SMS or IVR gateways.

Real-time Audit Trail

All events are received and logged centrally. They can be viewed instantly or stored for reporting purposes.

Penetration tested

The management application and lock solutions have been successfully tested and certified. 

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BVK’s physical access management software combined with BVK’s key-less cabinet, safe, door and gate locks enable our customers and partners to deliver ‘key-less as a service’.

High-security access for all industries

Developed for the high-security requirements of the ATM and banking industries, BVK’s Access Management solutions are also ideal for telco, healthcare, energy, defence and more.

In-house hardware & software R&D

Customer and technology driven, we develop our own hardware and software so that our solutions are flexible to your needs.

OTCaccess industry examples

Our in-house R&D ensures our key-less solutions are perfect for high-security requirements of any industry

We have developed key-less locks for all your access points

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