Our Commitment of Quality

​Our mission​

​At BVK Technology, our mission is to be a dynamic and productive company that always follows the latest technology, constantly performs R&D and P&D, and develops innovative hardware and software solutions that will appeal to our customers and partners around the world.

​Our vision​

​We aim to be among the top 5 companies globally which specialize in ATM security and physical and digital access management. Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative, pioneering and reliable business partner with value-add, quality solutions.

Our Quality Policy

As a customer-oriented company that believes in total quality philosophy; to provide error-free – timely service by producing in accordance with the standards, legal rules and regulations applicable in national and international sectors.

To be an internatıonally recognised company in the sectors in which it operates by using up-to-date technology. To maintain continuous improvement within specialised human resources and teamwork.

BVK senior management has determined its principles in accordance with the Quality Policy taking into account the changing and developing conditions.


  • To plan the right job and to create efficient – economic – quality products by doing the job right
  • To increase our productivity by bringing new technological opportunities to our business with investments and to be recognised in the international sector market with new technical methods – to increase our competitiveness
  • To ensure that all our employees act with the consciousness of self-sacrifice and saving
  • To raise awareness of our customers when necessary, to meet their expectations and requests in an understood manner
  • To increase the quality awareness of our suppliers and to provide training support if necessary
  • To increase the level of communication with our internal and external customers
  • By taking corrective and remedial measures; to do the work on time, at once and accurately
  • To increase the training level of our human resources and to ensure the adoption of total quality philosophy
  • To be beneficial to the society, to be protective of the environment, to prioritise the occupational safety of employees
  • To comply with legal regulations directly related to our sector and activities

It has been adopted that the realisation and continuity of these Principles is possible with the participation of all BVK employees in the Quality Management System and their efforts to correct the problems that adversely affect quality.