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Gartner highlights BVK’s holistic approach to security in recent report

We are proud to announce that BVK Technology has been listed as a leading technology vendor in Gartner’s recent report, ‘Emerging Trend: Convergence of Cyber and Physical Security — Harnessing the Disruption Opportunity’.

Gartner states that as security threats continue to escalate, organizations should be made aware of the evolving risks and take a holistic approach to security which covers both physical and cyber threats.

In its report, Gartner recognizes BVK for its innovative solutions which combine physical and cyber defenses for the ATM and banking industries, in addition to telcos and healthcare.

BVK’s solution portfolio includes Physical Access Management with key-less OTC locks and video surveillance solutions, Digital Access Management for BIOS and Windows users and ATM card fraud prevention.

All these physical and cyber security elements are centrally managed for optimum efficiency and cost savings using BVK’s IoTservo real-time monitoring and management solution.

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