BVK Technology

ISIF 2023

BVK Technology wins silver medal for the innovative Lynx Latch patent at ISIF’23

BVK Technology has been awarded the silver medal for its innovative Lynx Latch patent at the 8th Istanbul International Invention Fair (ISIF’23). The event featured more than 500 patent applicants from over 20 countries in Istanbul, Turkey.

ISIF is a globally recognised fair for innovative inventions and futuristic technologies. The competition attracts inventors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from around the world who showcase their products, technologies, and ideas.

The silver medal was awarded to BVK Technology for its unique and advanced Lynx Latch patent, which offers improved security and convenience. The patent incorporates cutting-edge technologies, making it a novel approach to traditional latching mechanisms.

The Lynx Latch is a revolutionary solution that offers enhanced security for any cabinet, ATM top box, or door,” said Kursat Kurt, CEO of BVK Technology. “Our team has worked diligently to create a unique lock. We are honored to have received the ISIF recognition for our Lynx Latch.”

The Lynx Latch has a unique locking mechanism that provides improved protection. Its design is invisible from outside, making it perfect for locations where space is limited. The lock is extremly strong and can withstand up to 4000N of pulling force.

The ISIF recognition is a reflection of BVK Technology’s commitment to addressing real-world challenges through innovative product development. As the company motto “Innovation in every step” suggests, BVK Technology remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and delivering value to its customers.