Innovation in every step

Nextgen security solutions for efficient management of physical and digital access and ATM fraud prevention

Significant operational efficiency improvements

Designed for the high security requirements of the ATM and Banking industries, our solutions are perfect for
Service Providers, Telcos, Defense and more.

Huge cost


Optimized operations management



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Our in-house R&D brings you holistic security solutions

Physical Access Management

Manage all your access points, locks, schedules and users in real-time with one, centralised OTC access process with no physical keys.

Key-less Lock Solutions

Our in-house R&D has developed next generation key-less locks for your safes, cabinets, doors and gates to give you the widest choice.

Digital Access Management

Remote BIOS, Windows User and IP Video camera password management for shared access endpoints to protect your organisation from malware and digital attacks.

ATM Card Fraud Prevention

Active, multi-vendor solutions which defend against all types of ATM skimming and shimming attacks.